Initiated by Sparkling + Asia, the long-anticipated professional Champagne feast —— 2020 China Best Champagne List Awards is now open for entry. All dining establishments of the Greater China with Champagne wine list included are welcome to apply for the awards. The gala dinner will be held during the 100% CHAMPAGNE China event.

China Best Champagne List Awards – Key Dates

 Entries Closing:       18th December 2020
Judgement:              11th January 2021 (Reims, France)
Awards Dinner:       28th March 2021 (Shanghai, China)
Registration Fee:     Free


Lei MENG – Founder of Sparkling+ Asia

A leading and influential Champagne specialist in China, Lei MENG was inducted by the Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne with the honor of “Dame-Chevalier” and “Dame- Officier” in 2017. Lei was the top three finalist for France during the 2015 European Champagne Ambassadors Competition. She was awarded The Communicator of The Year of “Trophées Champenois” 2017.

In Europe and Asia, Lei regularly organises Champagne tasting events: master class for amateurs and professionals,as well as prestigious champagne dinners in cooperation

with top sommeliers in Asia.


The China Best Champagne List Awards was initiated by Ms. Lei Meng, who combines Union de Sommellerie Française Région Champagne Ardenne as Awards Jury. It aims to seek China’s most qualified and professional champagne lists and sommeliers every year; support the development of the Champagne market in Greater China; guide the Champagne service quality in Chinese-speaking area; encourage more and more catering professionals to understand and upgrade “Champagne wine” and “Champagne culture” knowledge.

Over 100 restaurants & hotels applied the two editions 2018&2019 and 16 prizes were rewarded. The Best Champagne List Awards is now recognized as the standard of excellence and profession in China.


「Who is L’UDSF? 」

L’UDSF, l’Union de la Sommellerie Française – French Sommelier Union, founded in  1969, consists of 21 regional divisions in France, now is having more than 1,400  registered sommeliers from all over France. It is a part of the International Sommelier Association – ASI since its foundation. L’UDSF has created and organized a number of important national and world competitions, including the every-two-year competitions The Best Young Sommelier of France (MEILLEUR JEUNE SOMMELIER DE FRANCE), The Best Sommelier of France (MEILLEUR SOMMELIER DE FRANCE), and the competition which a number of reputed Michelin chefs are proud of – The French Best Craftsmanship Award (MOF – CONCOURS UN DES MEILLEURS OUVRIERS DE FRANCE). The

Champagne-Ardenne division is an important part of the UDSF, consisting of a number of senior sommeliers from Michelin and top restaurants in the Champagne region.

L’UDSF Champagne-Ardenne is co-organizer of China Best Champagne List since 2018.

「 The Chairman of the Jury 」

Eric Arnaud – Maître Sommelier of France

Chairman of the French Champagne-Ardenne Sommelier Union, Mr. Arnaud has worked as a sommelier for more than 20 years and owns the restaurant ‘Le Concept’. He provides wine knowledge training and consulting services for many prestigious hospitality management schools and restaurants.


2020 China Best Champagne List Awards will include following items:

  • Best Champagne List in Greater China (TOP 3)
  • Best Champagne List- Eastern China
  • Best Champagne List- Southern China
  • Best Champagne List- Western China
  • Best Champagne List- Northern China
  • Best Champagne List- Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan
  • Best Grower Champagne List
  • Best Champagne List – Independent/Chain Restaurant
  • Best Champagne List – Hotel Restaurant
  • Best Champagne List – Less than 30 wines
  • Best Champagne List – Bar
  • Best Champagne List – By the glass
  • Best Champagne List – Chinese Restaurant
  • China Best Champagne Sommelier

And this year we add 5 public review awards:

  • The most popular restaurant/bar (Considering all factors)
  • The most popular restaurant/bar – Champagne List
  • The most popular restaurant/bar – Atmosphere
  • The most popular restaurant/bar – Wine Service
  • The most popular restaurant/bar – Food&Wine pairing

*According to the character of the venue, the venue would enter appropriates awards.

*An audit will be undertaken, and any misleading information will result in disqualification.


The registered establishment has opened before 1st October  and to be in operation;

The registered establishment must be open to public, not only for private or member use;

Hotels with more than one restaurant must submit one entry for each restaurant. Each entry must include the wine list and the menu;

Please submit all wine lists, which must include at least 5 champagne wines(including by the glass) ;


 Champagne Region Discovery Trip

Awarded Sommeliers in 2020 will be invited by Sparkling+Asia & L’UDSF Champagne- Ardenne for a Champagne region discovery trip, exchanging ideas with local top sommeliers and champagne winemakers & owners — a great opportunity for Chinese sommeliers to understand the Champagne culture more deeply.

*Affected by the epidemic, the visit of invited sommeliers who won awards in 2019 will postpone to 2021.

Authoritative Judging

The awards and certificates of the selection will be issued by L’UDSF Champagne Ardenne. The jury will be led by Eric Arnaud, the Chairman of the union, who will organize the judgement with a jury consisting of senior Michelin restaurant sommeliers and authoritative champagne experts in Reims, France.

Witness of professionals & Champagne houses

The third Edition, 2020 China Best Champagne List Awards Dinner will be held at The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai on 28th March, 2021. All organization and representative winners will be awarded at the event, with guests including juries, champagne wineries representatives (who applied for 100% CHAMPAGNE China), authority professionals in catering and media representatives.

Professinal champange trainning 

All participating institutions will have the opportunity to participate in professional champagne training provided by Meng Lei. The training will include champagne list making, tasting, champagne culture/knowledge, service, food&wine pairing, sales promotion and other aspects.

Cooperation Priority & Champagne Promotion Month & Media Exposure

The awarded F&B establishments will be considered in priority for future icon champagne events recommended by Sparkling+ Asia, such as Best Champagne List Promotion Month. Sparkling+ Asia will connect fine-dining restaurants & hotels in different cities of China with champagne houses&importers, as well as media partners to collectively promote the best Champagne list in mainland China.



Diversity, the inclusion of a rich variety and sufficient depth of champagne selection


Balance, the inclusion of Champagne house, grower champagne, cooperatives; selection of blanc de blancs, blanc de noirs and other types of champagne


Quality of the selected champagne wines


Design of the wine list; clearness of the category; the easiness to understand, orthography


The completeness of information in the wine list, whether including detailed information and clear categorization

*The judging criteria for the wine list is developed jointly with the chairman of the French Sommelier Union Champagne Ardenne and Lei MENG, founder of Sparkling+ Asia. We assess the wine list from aspects of diversity, balance, quality, design, etc. It is worth noting that due to market differences, the price factor is excluded from the assessing criteria.


Entries Closing:            18th December 2020

Judgement:        11th January 2021 (Reims, France) Awards Dinner:      28th March 2021 (Shanghai, China) Registration Fee:     Free


Candidates must submit application materials listed below:

  • Completed application form;
  • The complete wine list of the establishment which includes the champagne list (price information included, in PDF format)
  • Menu (in PDF format)
  • Please send the application materials to with the subject “city

+ name of applicant + name of establishment + mobile number”. The organizing committee will review the qualification of applicants within 10 working days and confirm the validity of the application.

  • For more information and to download the application form, please visit

**The organizing committee will conduct an on-spot investigation before December 31th, to verify the authenticity of applicants’ wine list. In case of inconformity between the actual wine list and the submitted one, the candidate will be disqualified and receive a public warning.

Please enter to download the registration conditions and Application form.

Please send all required materials (completed application form, all wine lists and menu) to


Organizer: 槟客文化 Sparkling+ Asia

Co-organizer:L’UDSF Champagne Ardenne